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  1. ATI Radeon X1900 XT in early 2008 Mac Pro = black screen and fans
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They run hotter than snot. OS X is fairly warm, Windows with Aero enabled is scorching.

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Because the latter won't work in a G5 and the former doesn't have the letters "XT" in its name On the reliability question, the XXT in my Mac Pro still worked fine last I checked, but I haven't used the system much the last two or three years. And yeah, it runs hot, just like the rest of a Mac Pro. The one from the Mac Pro has a huge white plastic guide, Ruby is fairly prominent on it. Large red extension to fit it in the slot. This has the red plastic extension and looks like it takes up 2 slots so its the Mac pro edition?

ATI Radeon X1900 XT in early 2008 Mac Pro = black screen and fans

Wonder what the difference between the two are. Firmware at the very least. I get a terrible headache every time I try looking up information on flashing cards for Macs, that's why I've never done it. I never flashed a card to Mac before either. Wonder how easy it would be to flash it to a PC card so see if it actually works and then figure out how to flash it to PPC after. Make sure to backup the original ROMs first! I have not looked at info for either of these cards in a long while but I would bet flashing them in a PC would be easiest. Do you have a chip programmer.

You know, I have no idea if not working in a PC would be expected behavior. In the early days of Linux on x86 Macs one advantage of using BIOS emulation instead of EFI boot was the Radeon driver could use legacy calls for video mode selection not being able to broke the accelerated drivers at the time but I have no idea if the legacy BIOS being "present" to that extent would translate to the card being usable on a non-Mac.

I don't have a PC with the necessary six pin cables to stick mine in so I could try it. The thing about random video cards from ebay is you never know if anyone has flashed the ROMs. So I just stuck it into a PC to see if it would work or not.

20 Most Recent Apple ATI RADEON X XT Graphics Questions & Answers - Fixya

Those cards with the long extenders don't like to fit into most towers the HD bays get in the way. I do have some Apple 6 pin power cables coming in by next week to make testing easier, will use my beat up G5 for that too. Call me Mr. Skeptical but I can't possibly imagine why someone would flash a card out of a Mac Pro. It's worth far more as a Mac Pro card than it is as a PC card; everybody wants to know how they can use a cheap PC card in a Mac, not vice-versa. I'm having great difficulty constructing a Google search string that gives me any clear information about whether you could even theoretically use the first-gen Mac Pro cards in anything else.

If this is all true I would expect the PC to produce some error beeps, however, unless the card is so shmucked it's preventing the machine from POST-ing at all.

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So what did the auction for this card say exactly, anyway? What I would probably try at this point is putting the card in a PC with a second video card in it, seeing if you can get the machine to boot that way, and determine if the card is being detected at all. For instance, if you can boot Linux grep through "dmesg" to see if it detected anything, run "lspci", etc. IF it shows up, well, you can try banging on it with a flash utility.

Unless you have a Mac Pro to try it in and see if it works there you're really shooting in the dark. It's mostly just the navigating the forums and such where the magical firmware bundles and binaries are hidden. I'll chalk my difficulties down to "insufficient motivation". Presumably it's broken the same way this one is. If so you, uhm, totally won buying it instead?

Affected graphics cards have "V6Z" in the last part of the card's serial number. See below for de First, verify that your card has "V6Z" in the last part of the serial number.

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  7. You will need to remove the graphics card to view the serial number. Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions if needed. This worldwide Apple program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the Mac Pro. They don't check anything but your card's serial number. So If I had the card in my mac I would be seeing distortion. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, May 2, 1, 0 Tulsa. May 31, 5, 6, Florida, USA. Okay, I'm now going to kick myself. I wish I had known about this; I could have gotten the replaced and had a spare video card.

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    Curse my trashing ways!!!!! EricTheRed71 macrumors member. Sep 15, 66 0. Does anyone know if they will replace it with another X XT or a different card? Apr 28, 50 0. My Mac Pro had this problem in '06, they sent me a new card and that was fine after a year, and produced distorted video once again. Had to get a second replacement, and that was a huge hassle because the Apple tech reps didn't acknowledge the issue.

    I searched around the internets and found an internal knowledge-base number, told them that, and instantly got a new card. Aug 11, Cleveland, OH. I have one of the affected Xs. When it started exhibiting problems, I purchased another X and replaced the defective one. I have since sold the Mac Pro that this video card originally came in, but, fortunately, I kept the defective X So, I called Apple last night and explained my situation.

    The gentleman whom I spoke to was extremely receptive and made an appointment for me at a local Apple Store. On Thursday, I will be bringing my defective X there and will see what they can do for me. It should be interesting since I no longer have that Mac Pro Will report back with results Feb 8, 78 5. I'm currently on the phone to Customer Services who are processing a refund for the I bought last year. Not sure if they will also replace the as well, not that I need or want it, it still works until it gets too hot then will start to artefact all over the place - but the point is if you've bought another card to replace the faulty one they will refund the newer card purchase at the very least.

    Regards, John. Jun 24, 19 0. Feb 9, 22, 1, NYC.

    Mac Pro: Apple (finally) addresses problems with some ATI X1900 XT video cards

    Apple KB Article says "If you believe you have paid for repair or replacement due to this issue, contact Apple regarding a refund. PinkyMacGodess macrumors Mar 7, 4, 1, Midwest America. Ok, so it's not a 'recall' but it's better than a 'talk to the hand'. Why it apparently took over four years is the hardest to believe Having first heard of this today, what was the holdup?

    Was it ATI or Apple? Also, how different are the cards that Apple sells from those you can get from other outlets like Best Buy, etc? Is there a firmware or driver issue if I buy a card from Best Buy instead of Apple? Macarc macrumors newbie. Aug 7, 16 0. I went to the apple store to have mine replaced EricTheRed71 said:. RichardCareaga macrumors newbie. Sep 29, 1 0. Cause of the distortion in the XT I freaked out when I first saw the distortion; it looked like someone had put a screen over the monitor.

    It went away overnight but came back the next afternoon. Time passes, no problem, then it starts again much later.

    Difference, room temperature. If the inside of your Mac pro gets above about 27C, you will start seeing the distortion because the on-board cooling is inadequate. My solution has been put point a small desk fan across the exhaust area, but that's obviously noisy. I was researching a replacement when I ran across this post. When I checked, the order had been cancelled on September 22, about the time the advisory came out.