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The problem is that our opening is quite long. Amnesia is not very action filled from the start and slowly builds up the mood. We felt that it needed to be shorter in the demo, so player could get a grasp of the game quicker. To fix this, we remade the first level a bit, so crucial items and information are found a bit earlier. This shortens the experience, but contains the essence. Then it was the problem of what to show next. We wanted the demo to contain creature encounters, but as these are too slowly built up in the full game, they did not fit the demo. So after completing the first level, the player is transported about 2 hours into the game, where more stuff happens.

It was then possible to let the demo go on from there and then end with a little cliffhanger. This also worked well from a spoiler viewpoint as the maps are more about atmosphere and most events have already been shown in videos.

Mods - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

To further give the demo a good feel of the full game, we made the sanity mechanic be a bit more aggressive. This means that if will be easier to reach an insane state of mind than during normal play. The fear of going insane is a crucial element, so we felt we had to show it off somehow. I think the demo represent the full game fairly well and contains most of its major features.

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However, it is still in some sense a hacked-up version of the "real thing" and misses a lot of the atmospheric build-up. There is also no time to show of up any of the story either except for the initial setup , and we only focused on atmosphere for the demo. I guess this is just the way it is with demos and the same really goes for trailers and any sort of promotional material. The good thing is that if you enjoyed the demo you should like the full game even more! Hope you all enjoy this vertical slice of nightmare!

Only a few days left until the real beast is unleashed!


Argh, sharing the link on Facebook drags the whole post with it Thank you so much for releasing the demo, I can't wait to play the game!!! Demo is awesome. Nothing important but I thought I'd mention it. Also if you could arrange your demo to be available through Steam I'm sure that would greatly increase the amount of people hearing about it.

The Chinese Room | Amnesia Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They have all sorts of demos on there. Holy crap, the game actually works on my computer? I recently prepared a friend with the idea that I might have to use his computer to play this game, but if the full game has the same requirements as the demo, I may not have to. And it looks really good, even on my PC.

I must say, I really liked it. The atmosphere was great, the graphical effects worked well with the perceived insanity though I must say it was extremely easy to lose it, at least in the demo. Overall, I'm really hyped about the full thing. Can't wait! That was fun. I have to say I really do miss the descriptive text, though. It just makes the game seem a little emptier. I dont like the watercolor look that certain parts of the game have.

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The oil for the lantern needs to last a bit longer. I had trouble with the wheel physics. Apart from that I really enjoyed the demo, it has a very scary feel, will be buying it when it comes out. In the demo sometimes blood comes out of my face for no reason? In the room before the water zone. The castle also soon starts to get infected by an unhealthy-looking red taint, that actually hurts Daniel and obstructs his progress.

When they finally strike, however, they strike fiercely, and carry more potential to inflict terror than all the creatures of Raccoon City and Silent Hill combined.

The atmosphere in the castle is truly phenomenal, and the crawling bugs and other gross-out moments are genuinely disgusting. About half of the puzzles in Amnesia are thus physics-based: Throw a rock to destroy a chain, put the cogwheels of a machine together so that they fit, or pull a bed from over a trapdoor. The other half are typical inventory puzzles, where items are combined in the inventory and applied to objects in the 3D view. The physics engine also quickly shows its limitations, and the distinction between what is grab-able and what is not often feels arbitrary.

The worst problem of Amnesia has nothing to do with its budget, though; and that is the utter lack of penalty for dying. When killed, Daniel just starts out at the beginning of the current small map, even keeping all collected items. Forcing the player to start large parts of the game all over, or making the game even harder are devices that have been rightly discredited as inappropriate means to punish failure, but game designers have yet to come up with a meaningful way to replace them. Resource management also loses its bite in the second half of the game. Especially the extremely morbid references to torture are not for the faint of heart, even if none of it actually happens on screen.

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I awake in cold darkness and soon find a note, apparently written by myself, to myself. The note makes two ominous points: I voluntarily suffered amnesia to obliterate memories too painful to remember, and I must find and kill someone named Alexander. Worse, something…evil…and ancient…hunts me. Simply stated, Amnesia delivers. The claustrophobia oppressed me everywhere, and if I found respite, it was only to tease me with salvation before tossing me back into the darkness.

I never knew how much I took natural light for granted until now. Most divulged details raise at least as many questions as they answer, and many of those questions remain unanswered at the end of the game. According to the great-grandfather of modern horror, there are things just on the fringe on the human consciousness that, if fully exposed, would either drive us to insanity or suicide, or both.

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I complied with their request and found I am only a half-man. In one scene, minor spoiler ahead I was fleeing a nearly-invisible creature only to find a gate and a rusty wheel. Turning the wheel opened the gate. I could hear the abomination nearing me, and in my sweaty panic I fumbled with the mouse.


The creature was surely right behind me when I finally paused the game, ripped off my headphones, and took an hour-long break end spoiler. At least Fatal Frame gave me an enchanted camera. My helplessness was a refreshing change from every other would-be horror game that allows me to eviscerate anything I encounter in a dozen different ways.

I heard the denizens of that terrible castle far more often than I saw them, and when I did, it was only a fleeting, blurry glimpse. Daniel exists in a fragile state of mind, and things like darkness, vile sounds, and wandering horrors will bleed his sanity away. As Daniel loses contact with reality, it distorts around him and creates unpleasant hallucinations, the nature of which are best left unspoken. I repaired machines, opened doors, improvised cutting tools, and solved host of other adventure game-type problems. Most of them are intuitive and fairly easy, but this left me to focus on whatever was shambling down the hall.

Furthermore, they accomplish their task with little more than amazing sound production and a solid story. Finally, Amnesia just does countless little things right, each of which made me feel more vulnerable. I would mention them, but like the choicest meat, they are best when fresh. Website: www. Jason is a man after my own heart. I too was pretty grumpy seeing how the ages old adventure game design is left almost untouched in Amnesia. Collecting four items in a vast unlit space then bringing them all to one room to go forth, pixelhunting, all classic and hated stuff from the eighties.

However, the mood and the enemies make up for it. I really only half liked the game prior to encountering the first enemy but then, yes, it truly does become as scary as they describe it. What Jason talks about in the review, about ripping his headphones off and stopping playing — is exactly what happened to me at the same place in the game.

I was alone at home and playing in a dark room with sound cranked up. I enjoyed it a lot but it started being so oppressive around that spot, and my cats, shuffling around the apartment were making all these small noises that I had to stop playing, get out of the game and turn the lights on just so I can have some of my composure back.