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Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete - Collector's Edition
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TheBlueTree -3 points Windows version. Correction, I managed to get the play disc open, however, the install disc and the updates will not open with stuffit expander. S I have the same permission problem. I downloaded the files but I have 4 files which I can open only on TextEdid So I downloaded OpenEmu because I read it on the other comments but the game still doesn't run What can I do?

Please help me!! Look at the log file of the program to find them. The extracted files are there, you just need to copy them. Georg 0 point Windows version. Hi, I get an error message trying to expand the. Tells me I don't have the access rights for the folder independent of the folder I choose. Jumbo -1 point Windows version. KAB -1 point Windows version. I'm really excited to have downloaded this, but when I load it in my mac emulator, it tells me it can't find the play disk.

What do I do? All i get is 4 sit files inside a folder, cant really do anything with them. Pls help, im starting to belive this is all a big scam. Tortae 2 points Windows version. Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you'd like. This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online. Complete - Collector's Edition is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. You can read our online store guide.

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Please try again later. Mac Verified Purchase. The game did not work on my Mac computer, im trying to sort out the problem but it says my computer doesnt have the Classic view to play the game That my computer is to new!! One person found this helpful. This is a great game! It does get you hooked, though, so be careful. You can always save the game, however, so if you limit yourself you can always come back later to finish a scenario. In this game, you are You don't have one character that's you, you are as many characters as you recruit. These characters are called Heroes.

There are different types of Heroes, all having different abilities and statistics. In the beginning, you can either start was is called a campaign, where it's usually scenarios all towards the same goal - in some you carry on your heroes to the next one, in some the first 3 are all different, and in the end you pick the group you want to use.

There are more than 15 different campaigns.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: HD Mod on Mac OSX

For a single scenario, it's just one scenario, you complete it, and you're done. When doing this, you can either start with completely random things, or you can chose what different castles you want, what resource you want to start with, and what single hero you will begin with. There are 9 different castles, and for each castle there are maybe 10 heroes.

For resources, you get to choose between gold, an artifact, or a different resource depending on the castle you've chosen. Then you begin the game. In each scenario and campaign you have a different goal - most of the time it's to defeat all your enemies castles and heroes, but there are some where you have to kill a monster, gather all resource supplies? When you start, it all depends on the certain scenario on what you have. Some start with your only hero, and you have to get a castle before you can really start playing - and in this game, if you are without a castle for a week, then you lose.

In other scenarios, you start with one or more castles, and sometimes more than your chosen hero. In your castle, you can buy something to improve it once a day. It has barracks for different creatures to recruit, resource silos that will earn you some resources each day, mage towers that enable your heroes to learn magic spells, castles to improve the defences of the castle, and the greatest thing is the Capital, which you don't get until you get a few other things first, but once you do, it increases the amount of creatures in your barracks each week, and it gives you the mighty sum of gold per day.

In your castle you can also recruit heroes, a choice of two per week - unless you recruit one, then a different one fills its place. And don't get me wrong - it takes money to recruit your heroes and creatures. You can also find money around the map with your hero, but most of the time you'll find yourself short of cash - unless it's a really long game and you've bought everything in your castle, have the limit of eight heroes, and your money is just piling up. But enough about the castle - it's very important, but what you're trying to do is achieve your goal, and unless it's to accumulate gold, you can't achieve it by doing nothing with you hero.

In any case, you have to have your hero capture resource places ore pits, crystal mines etc. That map in the beginning, by the way, is black, and you can only see things once you've explored there. If you have an ally, then you get to see where they've explored as well. Your hero sometimes starts out with a good army, but normally you have to wait to fight anything until you get enough troops in your castle. You hero has 8 'slots', which you can fill with an unlimited amount of 8 different creatures.

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There are different levels of creatures as well, and some are better than others. When you attack 'a' creature, sometimes they will flee and you can chase them not on the map, your hero stays in one place or let them go, and sometimes they will join you, which is always nice. You can also kill enemy heroes, but take in mind that if their army is better, you can die. You can sort of view an enemies army by putting your mouse over them and holding down a certain key - I think it's the control key, the tap key, or the option key.

Some heroes are also better than others from experience. You can also gain experience by doing other things besides killing beasts. So now you have this very long narrative, and I still haven't told you everything about this game.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on a Mac

Don't worry, you can figure it out yourself I'm so nice. This is a really great game, for children and adults alike. It does involve strategy, however, so maybe you should be at least 10 before playing. It's a great game, and I recommend it to anyone who likes computer games - this version is for Mac OS, but there are Windows versions. This pack comes with three heroes games, all having many different campaigns and scenarios - as you can pick levels to each single scenario, that is almost an unlimited amount.

You can also create your own map, but I haven't really figured out how to do this the exact way I want to, so I can't help you there. I hope this review has helped, even it was really long.

Heroes 3 on Mac! : heroes3

I hope you enjoy the game! So it'll probably also work on mac. Keep blacking out etc. My friend tried to run it on Wine, but he failed. So I didnt risk it and installed PlayOnMac instead. But yea, it probobly works. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.