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The new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward delivers the most intense and cinematic action experience ever. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arms gamers with an arsenal of advanced and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most treacherous hotspots around the globe to take on a rogue enemy group threatening the world. This mod has custom models player, model guns, huds, sounds and maps from Call of Duty black ops II. It uses pezbot mod. Welcome to the near future. He is a bit faster and has more Health than the Adds several features from Frontlines Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare modification which brings you in Ukrainian war against pro-Russian side.

Liked Death Run in Counter-Strike but think that graphics are low and maps are old? Not any more! Fan reimagination of Modern Warfare story. Call of Duty 4: "Rooftops" Campaign is a brand new singleplayer experience that will revive the lost of exciting singleplayer memories of the traditional Call of Duty 4 "The Deal" is a Singleplayer mission that focuses on an fictional event that happened in London in October 27, The mission as an Milky Way galaxy.

There is a long war that brings no results Hello everyone, I am here to present you a new version of cod4 1. The concept of the mod is really simple, it is the same as other props mods in other games. The hiders can disguise as objects, and hide on the map.

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The goal is This is a very short mission that I made to find some voice actors for my "Rooftops" campaign. So basically this was an audition test mission. Do a tiny sprint and jump up there It may take a few times if you miss a lot. When your on the platform make your way to the top and go on the corner of the building. While on the corner jump in place then you will be elevated in mid air then you can actually walk to the building on your left keep close to the wall.

While in the air, go around the corner of the building Then you look on your mini map and you will be right on the line that leads out of bounds. Look down, there should be barbed wire under you. While looking at the barbed wire walk in the line of the barbed wire then you will make it on the top of the building across the barbed wire. This is the perfect sniping spot for you snipers out there.

When you are waiting for the helicopter to pick you up on the level where you kill Imar, wait until you are at the checkpoint,then grab a sniper, head towards where the bad guys came at the first part of that,make a left, then go all the way down and at the the first door, go in it. Get out your sniper and wait until the helicopter gets there, then go get your guy and bring him back to the helicopter. One more thing, when you are hiding, the men won't go to you, but dogs will. It may take a couple tries so be patient and keep on trying. When you are disguised as the enemy and waiting up in the tower there will be two guys to the right on top of gas station the one farthest from you is holding the saw.

Throw a flash grenade at them they will get up and scramble around and when he gets close to the side of the roof shoot and kill him and kill him, and he usually drop it.

It will land on the ground if not, kill someone so it will start over on that part. Don't try to pick it up right away. You have to wait till you get knocked over by Zakaess son, then get it. Your first perk slot is mostly reserved for extra explosives, or an attachment to one of your weapons like a silencer or red-dot sight. The standard soldier has one frag grenade and one flash, smoke or stun grenade. Tier one perks can give you three more of either, two charges of C4 or two RPG rockets.

But unlocking those extra frags could take a while: they're not available until level Perk: Eavesdrop Lets you listen in on what the enemy team is saying even when on they're on their private channel. Perk: Bandolier Allows you to carry more ammo.

Perk: Stopping power By stopping, we mean killing. This perk pumps up the damage on all your firearms. Then you may keep a checkpoint, save and quit, turn off consolthen go back to game and there you go, all intel!

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On the mission heat on arcade mode first go and throw a grenade at the enemies coming up the hill. Next turn around and go to the blackhawk crash on the hill. There should be a minigun. Get on it but don't shoot. Spool it up and wait.

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When mortars blow the barbwire fence thing get ready. Once troops start coming - shoot. Then helicopters start coming - shoot them. In front of the minigun is cars. Shoot them.

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Shooting cars for some reason get your score up a each. Shoot them!

Modern Warfare 2 Museum

Like before on the bog enemies keep coming. Then at the barn there is a javelin so grab that an shoot ONLY in front of the barn. Now when your about to the heli evac use the rest of your airstrikes. If you do you should have an improved score.

Pesquisar no Yeshua Chai

Now on all guilied up when you kill the guy on the fire escape go up it and you find rockets and machine gun ammo. Take the machine gun and the rocket launcher and eqip the rocket launcher. There should be a heli. Shoot it it will alert the patrol! Then stand by the stairs and shoot the dogs and patrol that come up.

On the level all gillied up when you shoot the sniper on the fire escape go up there and go through the window and right look to your left and get the stinger then, go out to the edge of the escape and hold down LT and aim straight at the flying helicopter until you hear a long beep sound then FIRE and the copter should move a little bit and the missile will hit and destroy it. Go to the mission "Crew Expandable" and keep playing until you get to the part where the guy with a Desert Eagle comes out and tries to kill you.

After you kill him, there should be two Desert Eagles. Trade your primary and secondary weapons for the Desert Eagles. In the mission "All Ghillied Up," after you take out the sniper on the fire escape, go into the room with Mac.

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When you see the dog eating a guy, just keep going. If you shoot it, about 50 more dogs will come after you and Mac. Run and crouch were ever you are. On arcade mode if you get times 8 a cool song will go off while your playing. It's only for arcade mode.

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  4. On the level where you have to get in the base to disarm the missiles go through the level till you get to the part where your guys are blowing up the gate where the two BMPs are waiting. Head to the gate but do not go through it. Look to your left at the wall. Follow the wall to another gate that is not opened.