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  1. Outlook for mac rebuild index
  2. Outlook Mac Quick Tip: Turn off 'On My Computer' Folders
  3. Outlook Mac Quick Tip: Turn off 'On My Computer' Folders

Outlook for mac rebuild index

How to stop Office sending those pesky winmail. The first line asks for your Office Office ; How to turn off Working Offline in Outlook and Outlook Before my holidays I turned on Automatic Replies but now I cannot turn it off anymore.

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Is there any other way to disable it again Disable auto updates on Office for Mac? Blank lines appear in the Outlook message list or in Outlook contacts. Outlook contact entries are not displayed correctly. You can't find information that you added to Outlook, such as a calendar event or a contact.

When you perform a search in Outlook, the search results don't match the criteria that you set.

Outlook Mac Quick Tip: Turn off 'On My Computer' Folders

A blank Office Reminders window appears. The clippings in the Scrapbook disappear. Authored by Paul McMonagle. Last modified Is this article helpful? Yes No. Verified hyperlinks, article matches the linked article from Microsoft. Reviewed article content and verified link was valid.

Outlook Mac Quick Tip: Turn off 'On My Computer' Folders

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Outlook displays scheduled reminders when your computer is running, even when you are not using Outlook. If a reminder is scheduled to appear at a time when your computer is turned off, you will receive the reminder when you turn your computer back on.

Dismiss a reminder When the reminder appears, click Dismiss.

On the Outlook menu, click Preferences. Under Sounds , clear the Reminder check box. You may also clear the check boxes for any other Outlook sounds that you want turn off.

On the Appointment or Meeting tab, change the reminder time to None.