Drag and drop mac os x not working

  1. Unable to use Drag & Drop on macOS High Sierra | AppleVis
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  3. Why Can’t I Drag and Drop on my Mac?

I can confirm drag and drop is not working consistently as expected.


Voiceover reported that the item was "no longer available for drag and drop". I then repeated the same procedure with an RTF file it was the iTunes user agreement , and, it worked like it was supposed to. Not sure, can you tell me what kind of file you were trying to drag and drop?

Unable to use Drag & Drop on macOS High Sierra | AppleVis

I tried to move different kinds of files, but it mainyy happened with. Once again, it tries to drag for a while and then says that it failed.

I am using High Sierra If I try to use this feature 10 times. Nine out of 10 it won't work. It has always been the same for me. That's why I just use copy and paste.

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  • Drag and drop function not working.!

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Table of Contents. Author Vincent Hi there! November 6, November 4, Then you can wait for a brief delay before the folder opens, or you can press the space bar to open the folder immediately this is particularly easy to do in Column view. A final note to keep in mind when dragging and dropping files is how to undo any changes or stop an act in progress. One unfortunate side effect of dragging and dropping is that you may inadvertently place files in the wrong locations.

Why Can’t I Drag and Drop on my Mac?

To undo any changes you made you can easily press Command-Z the universal "undo" command , and the Finder should revert them. In addition to undoing changes, you can stop a dragging event in its tracks.

Fixing a stuck icon on Mac OS X

Sometimes when dragging and dropping you may realize you've selected too many files or have missed one file. In these instances you can release your Option or Command keys and then place the dragged files back into their source folders, or you can just hit the Escape key to cancel the drag event, and any selected files will swoop back to their original locations. Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.