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  1. Change the life in a geek way
  2. Image2icon for Mac Free Download
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  5. What is the best application for creating .icns files?

Change the life in a geek way

It simply looks in the data fork of the. As a new Mac user, I was surprised at the unfriendly look of the default icons.

While external drives get a decidedly iPod-generic white shell, internal disks look like, well, bare disk drives. Which is something most Mac users will never see, since most Macs are locked down tight.

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  3. Convert images into icons.
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I expected a Finder-esque smiley face or an image of the machine itself. If you already have the icon image, you can skip ahead.

Image2icon for Mac Free Download

Otherwise, read on to learn how to create a drive icon. Now we can assign the drive icon to the drive.

Criando ícones personalizados no Mac - Img2icns

So there you have it. You should be able to use this method to assign custom drive icons all day long, as long as the media is writable.

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I was amused at how Apple uses the inspector windows to assign icons — where Windows would have some buttons to click, OS X is drag and drop. Jessica Lares macrumors G3.

Convert images into icons

Bruno09 macrumors Aug 24, 2, Far from here. You can use Img2icns. Drag your icon into the window, then click the "icns" button. Bruno09 said:.


It works fine for me, I can try with your icon if you want. Manic Harmonic macrumors Dec 4, 1. Works fine for me too. I've only used PNGs with it though. Manic Harmonic said:. Jessica Lares said:.

What is the best application for creating .icns files?

Intelligent said:. I dont have any Icon right now, i have done it manually before but I'm coding a few applications now that might need updating for the Yosemite "flat trend". But thanks anyways!

Does it support Retina icons? I prefer offline. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.